Can I Wear A Postpartum Belt While Sleeping?

Postpartum Belt While Sleeping

Getting a baby is an exciting period for many mothers. But having baby fat isn’t so exciting. The postpartum belt was created to help mothers get that slim look after pregnancy. It also enables you to heal from C-section incisions.

The postpartum belt is a wide elastic band that is worn around the abdomen and helps in reducing baby fat. You can start using it immediately you leave the hospital.

The belt is designed that you can wear it at any time. However, you need to be careful not to wear it too tightly otherwise it will interfere with blood circulation.

Types of Postpartum belts

Many people assume that all postpartum belts are the same, but they are not. The belts vary to accommodate different body shapes and purposes.

  • Belly wrap

This is probably the most common type of postpartum belt. It is made from elastic band and covers the lower ribs all the way to the top of your hips. There are also various designs for the belly wrap. Choose something that offers gentle compression.

  • Abdominal compression binder

Postpartum women do not exclusively use these but anyone who has undergone abdominal surgery. The belt is adjustable with no frills and offers medium to firm compression. This is recommended for those women who have undergone C-section surgery

  • Waist trainers

These belts cover the section under your bust all the way to the top of your hips. They may have a zipper or hook and eye closures. The offer firm compression and reduce the size of your waist. You will often find celebrities adorning waist trainers/cinchers.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before settling on one. Wearing the wrong waist belt can hinder recovery after surgery.

How does the postpartum belt work?

The belt holds your abdominal organs and muscles until they are firm again. This is done by offering slight compression. If you have had a C-section, they help take the pressure off your incision until it has healed. They will also help in the shrinkage of your uterus.

You will notice that you experience reduced pain with the belt on and this gives you better mobility to do things that matter to you. It has been noted that women wearing a postpartum belt get back to their normal lives sooner than those who don’t have the belt.

You also look great with a postpartum belt on.

Should you wear your belt while sleeping?

You can wear your postpartum belt the moment you leave the hospital after delivery. Consult with your doctor first before wearing the belt. You can use the belt during the day and night for 30 to 60 days. It can be uncomfortable wearing the belt for the first couple of days, but you will get used to it. Do not wear it too tight that it hinders your breathing or have your movements restricted.

Final thoughts

The postpartum belt is a great way to get back in shape after delivery. The belt can be worn all the time except when you are showing.


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