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Bringing forth life is exciting for many couples. You now have an extra member of the family and you spend every second taking care of the baby. However, your body also changes during this time. Baby fat forms after a pregnancy. You will find some of the clothes that looked great on you no longer fit.

Postpartum belts help get your body back into shape. The belt is made from elastic material and is wrapped around the abdomen. The belt works by applying pressure on the abdomen and this leads to a firm waste and eliminates fat. It also reduces pain after a C-section. The benefits of using postpartum belts are numerous but finding the right one can be challenging for new mothers.

The first person you should consult before getting yourself a postpartum belt is your doctor. They will recommend whether you need one. The belt can cause some discomfort if it is ill fitting. Once you have your belt you can wear it 24/7 except when you are taking a shower. Postpartum belts come in all manner of designs. It is critical that you find one that does not restrict blood flow. Consider also the fabric used for the belt.

With the postpartum belt you can continue with your daily activities without experiencing back pains. It also improves your posture and you can wear some of the clothes that make you feel great. Your body is very sensitive after giving birth and you need to be careful when purchasing one. You can wear the belt for the next one or two months. Since you are going to be wearing the belt 24/7 look for one that is made from fabrics that comfortable to the skin. If you are a working mom find something that does not reveal under your clothes.

Our lead blogger, Dr. Helen, has been an obstetrics consultant for many years. She has seen the safe delivery of thousands of babies. Dr. Helen is part of our team and she contributes to various pregnancy related blog posts.

We understand the challenge of finding the right postpartum belt – especially if this is your first pregnancy. For something so personal and delicate, we always recommend going with trusted brands when shopping for a postpartum belt. Juggling between work and taking care of the baby often takes a toll on many mothers. This blog will saves you the time for research when selecting a postpartum belt.